Longbow Capital


We invest in innovative companies that are doing things differently; companies that help bring energy to the world in the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner.

Longbow invests in technology-enabled businesses within the oilfield service sector, energy infrastructure and upstream oil and gas producers. We maintain a simple, disciplined investment methodology and act as a long-term partner and as an engaged shareholder in a small number of high-growth companies.

Our investment strategy is simple to describe, though difficult to replicate.

It's a People Business

Although we use a variety of criteria to evaluate investment opportunities, the heart of our investment decision-making is our evaluation of the people involved. Longbow seeks out management teams that have the skills, experience and motivation to build value for their shareholders. We rely on our long experience of investing in the energy industry and our extensive network of industry relationships to identify and evaluate individuals with a track record of value creation, who have surrounded themselves with high-quality management, technical teams and board of directors.

Our industry relationships give us access to information and opportunities. Longbow has earned its reputation for being a high-quality and desirable shareholder. This makes us an investor of choice within our investment universe and provides us the opportunity to drive proprietary deal flow in directly-negotiated opportunities. We have a strong bias for investing with people and teams that we have invested successfully with before.

We Stick to What We Know

We are energy specialists. Each member of the Longbow investment team has spent their career focused on the energy industry and has developed an in-depth knowledge of the industry’s drivers – in all their nuances and detail.

We Have a Unique Relationship with Our Portfolio Companies

Longbow backs management teams that know how to build successful businesses that they manage in the best interests of their shareholders. We take an active role in working with management to help our businesses achieve their goals. Our network and experience, gained through investing over many business cycles, as well as working in the corporate advisory business, can be critical in helping our portfolio companies navigate any challenges they are facing.

Longbow’s close relationship with our portfolio companies allows us to be active and effective in protecting our investments when times are challenging, by ensuring that each company is taking the steps necessary to protect and grow our capital.

Our Investments Create Value the Old Fashioned Way

We seek to invest in companies that grow by adding value to their customers, by saving their customers money, by being more efficient, by developing and leveraging technology and by pursuing new ideas and methods that separate them from the competition.

We do not rely on financial engineering or high levels of leverage to generate returns.

We Do Not Rely on Riding Commodity or Market Cycles

We look for opportunities that can thrive across the market cycles. We believe predicting commodity prices is a fool’s errand and invest on the basis that the world is going to be a hard, mean place that won’t do us any favours. We plan accordingly.

We Invest Alongside Our Clients

The Longbow principals, employees and advisors are among the largest investors in the Longbow funds. Having our own capital in the funds alongside our investors causes us to evaluate every investment decision from the same perspective as our investors.